Succession Planning

Buntingford Swimming Club is run on a voluntary basis and relies upon the goodwill of local adults to fulfil the key roles required for its smooth operation. Our approach to recruitment is covered in our volunteer recruitment policy which is put into effect through the position of Volunteer Recruitment Officer. The Volunteer Recruitment Officer ensures that the club is adequately staffed and is instrumental in working with the club chairperson to effect our succession plans.

Key Roles 
We recognise that maintaining a number of key roles in the club is essential to our future success and as such we appreciate that succession planning is an essential component of our operation. The following roles are considered essential:-

Head Coach
Team Manager
Volunteer Recruitment Officer
Welfare Officer

Succession Planning 
The club's succession plan will ensure that the essential roles defined above are always maintained. It is preferable that separate individuals fill each of these roles but it is recognised that one person may take on more than one role should the need arise. Although we run on a voluntary basis, the club retains the right to employ appropriately skilled people to fill any of these key roles should the need arise. Under such circumstances we will make full use of our swimming network and knowledge of the local community to identify appropriate individuals. Advertisements may be placed in relevant publications and prospective candidates will be subject to interview. Remuneration will be proposed and agreed by the committee before offering a paid position. In recruiting to unfilled positions, we will always consider current club members and seek to promote from within wherever possible.

Continued Development 
The committee will continually strive to provide continuing professional development for its members and, subject to the club's financial position, will meet course costs where appropriate.

Financial cushion 
We recognise that club membership will ebb and flow and at times club running costs may be such that they compromise the financial viability of the club. The club will always strive to secure additional income in the form of sponsorship or raise club subscriptions as necessary. However, to provide maximal flexibility, the club will strive to maintain on deposit within its treasurers account, excess club funds sufficient to fund running of the club for a period of 12 months, which we believe will be sufficient time to recruit to unfilled positions and to reverse any trend in declining membership.